Sergey Petrossov

28-year-old CEO and founder of JetSmarter, Sergey Petrossov, had a great idea when he took a chance and started a new kind of company. JetSmarter allows people to book their flights from anywhere in the world at any time they may need to. JetSmarter does not own any jets of their own, but they do work with some of the biggest airlines so there are always flights available to their clients.
Starting out, I was unsure of how we could infiltrate our target market and how accessible we could make this service, but in 2012, I spoke to the carriers I had established relationships with and discussed how large of an impact an app to charter a private plane would have on the industry.

If you compare JetSmarter to Uber , whose app is strictly digital and connects millions of rides a day, JetSmarter has a much higher level of touch because we don't have to connect millions of rides a day, we have to connect thousands of trips a year.
The company is now valued at over $1 billion which is pretty rare for a privately-owned company In 2015 the company had less than 50 employees, and in 2016 they launched the majority of cities that JetSmarter is now available in. New jobs were created all over and they now have more than 260 employees and the company continues to grow.

Sergey's vision along with his recruitment of an expert technology, management and advisory team, who are credited with executing successful projects for NASA, Nokia, Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, BMW and a combined experience of over 100 years in private air travel, gave birth to the groundbreaking app that JetSmarter is today.
Utilizing his previous experience co-founding two IT companies and serving as a board advisor to a private jet operator based in South Florida, Petrossov created a user-friendly app allowing travelers to order flights with top-rated private jet operators.
Prior to the creation of JetSmarter, he focused on two applications that drastically improved the performance of the public - one was a chat service providing assistance to Russian-speaking institutions, and another one was a private jet operator that is based in Southern Florida.

I also believe that operational costs will significantly decrease due to hybrid electric aircraft, and with proper sharing technologies (JetSmarter app) private Sergey Petrossov Miami, Florida. aviation will be priced at a level accessible to the masses. PS: We are continuously expanding our services and enhancing our JetDeal and JetShuttle offerings.
Galvez is no longer using his $97,500 JetSmarter membership. In the Sunshine State , Sergey went to high school and while he was there, Petrossov attempted to start a business that distributed car tire rims. People's lifestyles are continuously enhanced by technology, so Petrossov never stops thinking about how to make the most of all of the gadgets and devices that people have at their fingertips.

Petrossov was introduced to technology and computer science while enrolled at the University of Florida. Then, in early 2017, Gennady Barsky, JetSmarter's president was arrested and charged with grand theft. Having worked in IT before, I wondered whether these could be addressed with technology, and the owner assured me that this business is relationship-driven because people like to talk on the phone.
Now, Sergey Petrossov is fighting and thriving at the same time. This app is the biggest thing in the charter plane industry. Petrossov was shocked at how antiquated the entire booking processes seemed, and he figured that the entire experience could be streamlined via technology.

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