Fire Watch Service

The history of the Fire Service in New York began in 1648 during the administration of Governor Peter Stuyvesant, when the first fire ordinance was adopted by the Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. There may be additional requirements that your construction site is required to adhere to. It's your responsibility as the site manager to understand the codes and regulations that govern your site and ensure there are proper plans and personnel in place to prevent potentially deadly situations.
They know how to activate fire alarms, know how to work the many various types of fire extinguishers, are familiar with the functions of a sprinkler system and know how to evacuate a building Fire Guards if they need to. Whether your event requires a Temporary Public Assembly (TPA) permit of your sprinkler system is not operational we can provide the fireguards required for your event.

A stamped plan prepared by a licensed New York State design professional will review shop drawings which follow the codes and determine which fire alarm components are necessary, how many are required, and where they need to be placed throughout the facility.
We provide security guards services, Fire Safety Director, Fire Watch Guard, Executive Body Guard (Armed and Unarmed), Club's Bouncers, Guard training and customer's support services to our valuable clients from short-term contract to long-term contract.
But by 2015, the city's one remaining tower, built in 1856, was falling apart Acting on the advice of engineers, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation set about dismantling the Harlem tower and placing it in storage, 12 miles away, in Queens.

This certificate is also needed in any building or occupancy required to have a one-way voice communication system, regardless of occupancy classification, that is operated or occupied by more than 15 persons for a period of more than 30 days, including emergency shelters.
If the unit is away from its firehouse (e.g., responding to or operating at another alarm, on inspection duty, etc.) at the time, the company will either stop at the new incident and operate, or the officer will request a separate assignment (as the reporting unit is unavailable to operate).

We can set up your security program, evaluate property security, prepare security manuals, provide employee training, and lead regional or national seminars for your company. ATALIAN Security provides services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The Division of Fire Services also provides technical resources such as fire investigation, hazardous materials response and technical rescue response.

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