Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Parrot SK 4000 is a wireless motorcycle communication & entertainment unit. We review the Top-Rated 7 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets and offer some background and technical information that's helpful in choosing the right helmet for your specific needs in our How to Choose The Best Motorcycle Helmet With Bluetooth section.
Some helmet speakers feature specially designed wiring that runs behind the head so it can be tucked into the helmet lining; they motorcycle helmet bluetooth speakers also plug into your device using a detachable extension to make removing your helmet while leaving the speakers inside easier.

From the company's website, this product is described as the first motorcycle helmet that is open-faced and contains Bluetooth 4.1. This Bluetooth device has the potential of connecting with three other riders within a range of 1 mile, which is equivalent to 1.6 km.
Each set offers top-of-the-line sound quality, convenient controls that will make it easy to shut off the speakers, increase the volume or decrease it, and features a comfortable, heavily padded design that will promote user comfort when you're on the road.

These speakers come with an integrated microphone that enables you to use voice commands to control many of the speaker's features, enabling you to use your smartphone without keeping it. The built-in microphone is just one of those useful features these speakers need to offer.
Built from a fiberglass composite, this communication-ready brain bucket boasts a whopping 20 hours of talk time, can charge fully in just 2.5 hours, has a removable and washable liner, features support for up to eight riders at a distance of up to one mile, and (of course) is DOT certified.
With the Sena SMH10R low profile Bluetooth speaker, you can make hands-free calls on your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled phone, listen to professional-quality music or voice instructions on your GPS, and start intercom conversations with a passenger or other passengers.

Since we realized the value, advantages and usefulness of the Bluetooth helmet speakers, we brought the list and information of the best motorcycle helmet speakers for you to make it easier to find the best helmet speaker and you can also enjoy your bike ride while listening to your favorite playlists.
Compatible with the majority of audio-capable ski and ski helmets, Outside Tech's Chips 2.0 lets you stream audio, answer your phone, and sometimes even talk with your buddy's walkie-talkie style through its distinctive program, all without needing to remove your gloves or helmet.

As with the other headsets in this review, the Pro6 Riders headset supports wireless music streaming and hands-free calls. It has up to thirteen hours of talk time, is waterproof and dustproof, and utilizes universal pairing which allows intercom conversations with non-Cardo headsets.

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